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PUTTIST is not only a digital putting aid but also a digital “putting meter”. It's not a new concept once you know it, but in fact, small changes in perception can lead to big changes in reality. From this point of view, what the putting meter wants to say about putting is that it is necessary to redefine the stereotype that “Putting practice should be done on the actual green”, which has been subconsciously recognized until now, little by little.


Easily practice 5 to 60-feet putts at home every day using a single ball.

With some focusing mood by RED line LASER,

Practice for any long green while improving accuracy at the same time!

PUTTIST2 provides the more amount of practice per minute compared to not only other putting machines but also the actual green.

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The intuitive interface and feedback seem to be helpful for continuous practice, and it seems to be a factor that makes the various mission (game) modes in particular not boring.

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Above all, I can check the distance and direction of my putting with my eyes, so it seems to be more effective than other putting practice machines.

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When I went to a round after consistently practicing the putt for a month  He was able to hole out within two putters for any distance.

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