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​Item discription

The puttist is not a digital putting practice, but a digital “putting meter”. It's not a new concept once you know it, but in fact, small changes in perception can lead to big changes in reality. From this point of view, what the putting meter wants to say about putting is that it is necessary to redefine the stereotype that “Putting practice should be done on the actual green”, which has been subconsciously recognized until now, little by little.

  Puttists think of practicing on the actual green, where the speed of the green changes every minute, as a difficult and time-consuming classic method. (So it will cost you a lot of money! )

  1. Transformed into a white body and white display. 
    ► Luxurious white tone putty.

  2. Enhance your directional practice with the LASER READY function.
    ► When the red ground laser is on, putt on that line.

  3. The measuring distance of 15 meters has been extended to 20 meters.
    Now, three putts from 20 meters are fine!

  4. Instead of using a dedicated charger, use a USB C-type charger.
    ► It is OK even if the charger is broken or lost!, the auxiliary battery is also OK!

  5. Added 9 random missions for games up to 20 meters.
    ► Highest score of 9 points, almost impossible level of difficulty. Still a challenge!

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