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Parallel Lines


The puttist starts with the concept of 'the formula of putting' to unravel putting.
The ultimate goal of a puttist is to learn a certain sense of distance (putting meter) and to draw out the opponent's conceed without leaving a short putting distance of 1 to 2 meters by adjusting the muscle strength memorized in the body for each distance.

All About Us

Puttist Co., Ltd. is a piezoelectric sensor-based golf company established in 2009 to promote the concept of the digital putting meter to the world.

While most of the competitive products use optical sensors like the simulators of the early golf zone, Puttist is the only product in the world that uses a piezoelectric sensor. The main advantage of the piezoelectric sensor is that it can measure the human senses in infinite detail just as it is applied to artificial skin. Just as most simulator technologies these days use a camera sensor by breaking away from the existing optical sensor, technology development is taking place at this moment, and the development of digital putting practice equipment is continuing.

Dr. Dongguk Kim, the developer and CEO of Putist, majored in material engineering at KAIST and obtained his Ph.D. He is also a pure engineer who gives a sincere answer to the joke that he made a putting practice machine with the technology of making a spaceship, that the global market for the digital putting practicer is equivalent to the added value of a spaceship.

Dr. KAIST, who has fallen in love with golf, wants to start with Wadiz supporters to establish himself as a global brand beyond the second leap forward based on the past 10 years. Puttist II

As I want to putt in space... As I say...  Puttist II  Puttist II bread tastes better than grass rice

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